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March 29 2016

Total Points Leaderboard – Top Twenty

(Data re-initialised March 31 2016)

Profile photo of Logan Riley
Total Points: 655
Profile photo of Oliver Jacques
Total Points: 655
Profile photo of Jacquelyn Alden
Total Points: 215
Profile photo of Jessica Buntine
Total Points: 190
Profile photo of Lucy Northgate
Total Points: 155
Profile photo of John
Total Points: 35
Profile photo of Alfie Baird
Total Points: 30
Profile photo of Duane Huber
Total Points: 20
Profile photo of Velva Cascarret
Total Points: 20
Profile photo of Villas in Pathanamthitta
Total Points: 20
Profile photo of Linette Beckman
Total Points: 20
Profile photo of Jade Pavy
Total Points: 20
Profile photo of Ofelia Means
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Lida Farber
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Belinda Vanish
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Conrad Heitmann
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Lonnie Hazon
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Erick Grubbs
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Alberta McDowall
Total Points: 15
Profile photo of Margarette Fenton
Total Points: 15